The Hero Of Ishval
"Men should be able to handle both their job and their women. I do."

Colonel Roy Mustang at your service. I'm generally busy with paperwork, but I can always spare a moment to talk. Especially if you're a beautiful woman.

((This is an independent RP blog. I play a BH/mangaverse Roy, but on occasion I'll RP him as '03. I'm always up for roleplaying, or even just to talk. Feel free to send me a message. Tracking: askthecolonel ))
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Sexual Headcanons for Roy

For starter’s,Roy is a very passionate lover. He does whatever he can to please his lover, but expects to be pleasured well in return.Roy’s scars are extremely sensitive, even the lightest touches are pleasurable to him, though it might take time for him to admit it to you. So ladies, if you want this man to be a puddle of mush in your hands, aim for his scars. Another very sensitive spot on the dear Colonel, besides the obvious, is his neck.

Roy’s favorite hair color on women- And a certain Fullmetal Alchemist- is blonde; there’s just something about them that he can’t help but like. Though the Colonel prefers blondes over all else, he’s not too picky with hair, and if he’s fond of you, that’s that.

As fetishes go,Royis addicted to mini-skirts; in his opinion, it shows off the thighs and legs beautifully, and we all know that well toned thighs are one of his favorite things about a woman. He also has a light bondage fetish, though he would never try anything that would hurt his lover.

Position wise,Royactually prefers to have his lover on top, riding him. It let’s said lover have some control, while Roy himself gets some as well, and it’s mutual in pleasure. And during sex, if a lover dirty talks to him, it’s a huge turn on.

((Might add more later on~))

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